Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Back On Schedule! FINALLY

Hey Guys, sorry for the complete lack of posts and reviews lately. First semester was absolute shit.
So now that my second semester is sure to be a lot calmer (I'm in all the calsses I want *happy dance*) I'll be starting up my reviews again! 

First Up: BLACK LAGOON!!!! I've been waiting to do this one for ages! As usual, unless specified I'm critiquing the Dubbed version ^.^ 

I'll also be watching Ao Haru Ride and Akuma No Riddle, so those will be up soon as well.

Oh and I almost forgot! The Yu Yu Hakusho reviews...I will be completing the first one (episodes 1-28) in the very near future, perhaps even today if I can manage it, my schedule is all over the place. I have a draft of it partially completed already though.

I'll be posting as often as I can, I promise!

With Love~

                                Tyler <3

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