Saturday, September 13, 2014


Thank you everyone for looking at my blog! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! I wasn't even expecting this! Here's to 500 more!

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A bit about my upcoming reviews

Okay, I deeply apoligize for the lack of updates and reviews! Life is starting to slow down a bit so hopefully I'll get more free time soon to finish Nana and get to all the other anime so I can dish out more epic anime reviews for you!

For the time being though, I'll be reviewing Yu Yu Hakusho. If you remember from my about me post, this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE, which is why I've been holding out on reviewing it. 

I do own all four seasons on DVD so it'll be easier for me to watch it all faster then if I were watching it online. Saves me time on going throughout dozens of free anime viewing sites online (I do recommend though if anyone needs a great site. It even works on smartphones! Plus it's 100% free! I use it when I can on my iPhone.)

I'll be doing one season at a time (Twenty-eight episodes a season for a total of one hundred and twelve in total). I'll probably be dusting up on a few episodes tonight or in the morning if I can, so you'll probably be getting a new review by midday or early evening tomorrow!

Well that's all I really got to say right now... WAIT! I forgot to mention something! 

I have this app that I LOVE!!! It's called Geeking (previously GeekChat). It's completely free and currently on the iPhone, iPod, and iPad and supposedly coming soon for andriod. It's a fun place for geeks and nerds to come together and discuss their loves, fandom, interests, and games! There's roleplaying too! It's chatroom style and you can make your own discussions whenever you want! And if you're already on it, hit me up! I'm Baltigoa M. if you want to look! Talk to me about anything! 

I'm not getting paid for this, nor do I want to, I just want to introduce you all to a lovely place to meet new people who are into what your into! Now please go about your day and enjoy the world!

With Love~

                                          Tyler <3 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Nana Anime Review (SPECIAL PREVIEW)

Keep in mind that NANA IS NOT MEANT FOR AUDIENCES UNDER 17-18!!! It contains drugs, sexual situations, sexual content, nudity and many other things not for children! You have been WARNED!
I may make references to the manga, but remember this isn't the entire review and it might change as I watch more. Please enjoy this review~!

            Okay to start out; let’s talk about the voice acting. I love the choice in voice actors for this anime especially that of Nana Osaka (Nana), it’s exactly what I imagined for the sexy lead singer. And Ren’s voice actor gave him the perfect swoon-worthy voice he needed! The one voice I really hate is that of Nana Komatsu (Hachi). I know she’s supposed to be the giddy girly girl, but having such a high voice really isn’t necessary to get that point across. I also have a slight dislike for the voice of Takumi. I don’t really have any particular reason, I just don’t like it. All other characters are voiced pretty well.

            So that’s a small preview of my review of Nana. Sorry it’s so short but I’ll add more for each week I’m delayed, alright!

With love~

                             Tyler <3

Sorry guys!

My schedule is starting to get a bit hectic now that school started last Monday (Go Seniors!). I won't be able to watch as much anime as I'd like, so in turn, the amount of reviews I can do will decrease. So today I decided to do a small 'preview' of my review of the anime Nana. I haven't finished the anime yet, but I'm at about episode 25 or so; and I've read the manga up to volume 20. Keep in mind that NANA IS NOT MEANT FOR AUDIENCES UNDER 17-18!!! It contains drugs, sexual situations, sexual content, nudity, underaged prostitution and many other things not for children! You have been WARNED! Do not let this turn you away though. The manga was the #1 selling shoujo manga in Japan and had two magnificent live-action movies released! 

Now allow me to stop babbling and start this review! 

With Love~

                    Tyler <3