Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Nana Anime Review (SPECIAL PREVIEW)

Keep in mind that NANA IS NOT MEANT FOR AUDIENCES UNDER 17-18!!! It contains drugs, sexual situations, sexual content, nudity and many other things not for children! You have been WARNED!
I may make references to the manga, but remember this isn't the entire review and it might change as I watch more. Please enjoy this review~!

            Okay to start out; let’s talk about the voice acting. I love the choice in voice actors for this anime especially that of Nana Osaka (Nana), it’s exactly what I imagined for the sexy lead singer. And Ren’s voice actor gave him the perfect swoon-worthy voice he needed! The one voice I really hate is that of Nana Komatsu (Hachi). I know she’s supposed to be the giddy girly girl, but having such a high voice really isn’t necessary to get that point across. I also have a slight dislike for the voice of Takumi. I don’t really have any particular reason, I just don’t like it. All other characters are voiced pretty well.

            So that’s a small preview of my review of Nana. Sorry it’s so short but I’ll add more for each week I’m delayed, alright!

With love~

                             Tyler <3

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