Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sorry guys!

My schedule is starting to get a bit hectic now that school started last Monday (Go Seniors!). I won't be able to watch as much anime as I'd like, so in turn, the amount of reviews I can do will decrease. So today I decided to do a small 'preview' of my review of the anime Nana. I haven't finished the anime yet, but I'm at about episode 25 or so; and I've read the manga up to volume 20. Keep in mind that NANA IS NOT MEANT FOR AUDIENCES UNDER 17-18!!! It contains drugs, sexual situations, sexual content, nudity, underaged prostitution and many other things not for children! You have been WARNED! Do not let this turn you away though. The manga was the #1 selling shoujo manga in Japan and had two magnificent live-action movies released! 

Now allow me to stop babbling and start this review! 

With Love~

                    Tyler <3

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