Sunday, August 24, 2014

Fanfictions! Yu Yu Hakusho!

Okay my lovely readers, here's a few great Yu Yu Hakusho fanfictions from some awesome friends of mine at  I hope you enjoy their fics and leave comments and reviews!

From BlueFire Jin14 comes "The Cursed Wings". 
The Cursed Wings

From YuYuHakushoObsesser comes "Untitled (The Perplexing Female)"
Untitled (The Perplexing Female)

Now here's two fanfictions from ShadowFox 2013. The first was requested by me and the second is an awesome sequel to it! Now here is "Better Than Revenge" and "Broken Promises". 
Better Than Revenge
Broken Promises

Now here's the link to my personal account: KandaxYokoxGrell

Enjoy! If you want me to put one of your fanfictions (from any site!) up on the next post, feel free to contact me by email at or by my Skype at KandaxYokoxGrell. Seeya next post!

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