Monday, July 7, 2014

Fate/Zero Review

Now to start off this blog, let's do one of my favorite anime: Fate/Zero. 

The animation is top notch, but the fight scenes can be a bit, how do I say this.. boring. I love the characters and watching them work together and plot to win. Yes some characters do die (not telling who ;) ) and some of the deaths are outright heartwrenching. The end is such a plot twist that you'll never see it coming! 

All in all it's a great 3.9/5

I also suggest watching the movie Fate/Stay Night, which occurs after the events in Fate/Zero!

~With Love, 
                               Tyler H.

(P.S. I'd love to hear suggestions of what anime I should do next! Criticism is also very much welcome! No flames though please!)

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