Monday, July 7, 2014

Kaze no Stigma Review

This anime is definitely in my Top 20. 

The animation is very well done, as is the voice acting. The voice for the main male character, Kazuma, was absolutely swoon-worthy. 

The characters are very relate-able in their own way. For example, Ayano is an over-stressed teen having difficulty balancing family responsibilities with time for friends, something I expect most of us to be able to relate to.

The story line does stray every once in awhile, but never for long. The show has it's comedic moments. The jokes are a bit dirty at times, but laugh worthy all the same. 

The fight scenes aren't very detailed at times, and often very short. 

Also, this anime makes me question whether or not i should be shipping incest... D*mn you Kazuma...

In total, 4/5.

~With Love, 
                               Tyler H.

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