Thursday, July 10, 2014

Kill la Kill Review Episodes 13-24

Just minutes ago, I finished this anime. I wish I could I'd take back my entire first review!

 This is probably one of the best anime I've ever seen! I went into these episodes with no hope for a legitimate plot line, but it hit me straight in the face. 

Everyone, and I mean everyone, reached bad*ss levels achieved by no others! Character growth galore! Especially for Ryuko and Satsuki. 

Once you get past the choppy animation and migraine inducing sounds, it becomes a great anime. There were plot twists galore in this half of the show! Some that surprised even me! Talk about mommy and daddy issues!

This will be an anime I recommend to everyone, except the faint of heart.

In the end I can only give it 4.5/5 due to the fact that it took  so long to get the plot started.

I wish i can be more detailed but I'm already on the verge of giving out major spoilers!

~With Love, 
                               Tyler H.

(Next up, Devil May Cry)

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